Windows 95 OSR2.5 English Free Dwonload

Windows 95 OSR2.5 English Free Dwonload

Year: 1997
Developer: Microsoft
Compatibility with Vista: No
System Requirements: Min: CPU 80386, RAM 4Mb, HDD 100Mb
Rec: CPU 80486/Pentium, RAM 8Mb, HDD 100Mb
Language: English only
Medicine: Present

Windows 95 – the result of combining products of MS-DOS and Windows, which were previously distributed separately. Windows 95 is the third (after Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Windows NT) running Windows, without support of standard and real modes of x86-processors and the Intel processor requires 80386 or higher in protected mode. Windows 95 contains significant improvements graphical user interface and internal structure of the system, including desktop and “Start” menu, support for long (up to 256 characters) file names, and a system of «plug and play».

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The main new feature in Windows 95 was the ability to run 32-bit applications on the basis of API Win32. For the first time this feature has appeared in Windows NT, however, of this family have higher hardware requirements, and therefore could not compare in popularity with the “regular” series of Windows (which is before the release of Windows 95 was introduced a family of Windows 3.x).

In Windows 95 has been implemented only part of the capacity Win32, available in Windows NT. But it was enough to make many of the applications, based on API Win32, able to work both in the environment Windows NT (which is positioned as a system for business applications) and in Windows 95 (focused on the consumer market). This has contributed to the popularity of Windows 95.

The appearance of a 32-bit file access in Windows for Workgroups 3.11 meant that 16-bit real mode MS-DOS is no longer used to manage files at run time, Windows, and the introduction of a 32-bit disk access in Windows 3.1 avoids the use of BIOS for managing hard disks. As a result, the role of MS-DOS is actually reduced to make the kernel load Windows, running in protected mode. DOS can still be used for the old device drivers for compatibility, but Microsoft is not recommended to use them because it interfered with the proper multitasking and reduced stability. Using the Control Panel the user can determine which components of the MS-DOS is still used in his system, the optimum performance was achieved in the case, if they were not. The Windows kernel is still used the old challenges “in the style of MS-DOS» in the so-called safe mode but this mode is used only to correct the problems when downloading “native” protected-mode drivers.

Extras. Information:
OS support has been cut by the manufacturer 12/31/2001

The hash sums ISO image
CRC32: B7F18C7C
CRC64: F654A96BBCF6891A
MD5: C7B9A6DD79C262E2C287E26110EA6153
SHA1: 02FB6BB9A6163868A2FA4069FD05BACF1F196ED2
SHA256: 731EFF5093E43D1E51F0EFCC018CF810922FE6D0008E3ECEFAB5F0537C35D152




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